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As a board member at Pillar Real Estate, Turki has over 20 years of experience and exposure to all major players in the various sectors of this industry. Skilled in strategic planning, operations management.. Real Estate Development, finance and administration with an in-depth insight into the MENA market. .

Chief Executive Officer


As a member and certified trainer at MEFMA and BICS; Tarik is the Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations, Properties Management and Facilities Management at Pillar Real Estate, with over 18 years of experience, internationally and locally. Managed over 44 commercial and residential properties. with an area of over 2.5 million sqm.

Board Member


As a renowned businesswoman in the Kingdom, a local and international Real Estate expert, Mrs. Rima adds priceless value to the board of members with her in-depth knowledge of the Saudi market and wide Public relations.

AboutPillar RealEast

Is a Saudi-based Real Estate Company that was established in late 2019. Prior to Pillar's establishment, our team of professionals have managed several medium to mega scale projects such as the Diplomatic Quarter, the Digital City, Oud Square & Oud Dunes, Misk Schools, PNU, Unified Real Estate projects, and many more developments.

Pillar focuses on Consultancy, Leasing, Property Management and Facilities Management by putting exclusive thought into selecting its projects, in order to ensure it upholds its distinctive vision for excellence. Every project is a perfect model of creative perfection.

Pillar in its capacity provides world class services that cater to elite individuals and organizations. Our services are extensive and customized in accordance with the clientele and Real Estate vision that provides clients with a variety of services through our large group of local and international consultants and partners.


Vision :"Providing strategic advice at every stage of the asset lifecycle "

"Our vision as a company is to advise Private, Institutional and Corporate clients seeking to Buy, Manage, Lease, Develop or realize the value of Prime Properties in The Kingdom. Our structure reflects these beliefs, as we intend on utilizing the full expertise of Pillar's team of professionals which creates a one-stop shop for Clients to gain access to experts in the Real Estate Industry, while channeling their work through trusted and accountable single points of contact."

Tarik aftat ,Chief executive Officer

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